Traffic Light

Traffic jams are a common occurrence in many countries, but are also a problem in Australia. 

And, in Australia, we are among the most densely populated countries in the world. 

A new research study has found that while congestion has dropped in the country, congestion has increased since 2010, leading to increased road safety concerns.

The research, by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), found that congestion in Australian cities has risen from 17.4 per cent in 2010 to 20.3 per cent now.

The study looked at congestion in metropolitan areas and the CBD.

It found that Sydney has seen the largest rise in traffic jams.

There has been a jump in traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the last three years, while congestion in Melbourne has increased from 13.4 kilometres per hour in 2010 and 20.4 km per hour today.

There have also been increases in the number of cars, with a rise in the numbers of vehicles on roads. 

The increase in traffic congestion is due to a number of factors, including the introduction of new car hire programs and the closure of many roads in recent years, particularly in the CBD, RMS’s Dr Paul Henson said.

“Our data suggests that the increase in congestion is driven in part by the introduction in 2010 of the National Car Share scheme.”

This scheme, which was introduced to make the transport network more attractive to drivers, had a positive impact on overall road congestion and congestion in the City of Sydney, but also in the suburbs and in some areas of the state.

“More recently, in 2016 the introduction and expansion of a new network of congestion-control vehicles, known as the Sydney Motorway System, has also led to an increase in the amount of vehicles and vehicles on the road.”

The study found that the increased traffic on roads is primarily due to the increasing number of people on the roads, and more people moving from the CBD to other parts of the city, which has led to congestion.

Roads have been closed for many people during the busy summer time, but some roads are still open. 

Road safety The RMS study also found that road safety is a major concern in Australian roads.

“Drivers in the congested CBD have increased their risk of injuries on the NSW Roads Network in the past few years,” Dr Henson explained.

“This has included collisions with other vehicles on motorways and road works, as well as incidents involving drivers using emergency assistance, emergency assistance and vehicles not using their signal lights.”

In Sydney, the congestion on some roads has also increased due to more people using them to travel between the CBD and the suburbs.

He said the figures were up from 7,876 crashes on the previous week, and 5,664 on the same week in 2017.””

We found that on the week to March 31, 2016, there were 9,865 traffic crashes, with 6,039 people killed, including 1,917 children,” Dr Wahlstrom said. 

He said the figures were up from 7,876 crashes on the previous week, and 5,664 on the same week in 2017.

“Overall, the number and frequency of traffic accidents is increasing at a rate that is consistent with a growing population,” Dr Korsgaard said.

“The most common types of traffic injuries reported to the NSW Health Department are injuries from traffic accidents, injuries resulting from the use of hand brakes or mirrors, and collisions.”

Dr Wampley said he hoped the increased congestion in Sydney was a sign of the times. 

What can you do to reduce traffic jams?

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