Traffic Light

Azure Traffic Management (ATS) has its first dashboard, Azure Traffic Monitor, that can track traffic from Azure traffic cameras and other traffic sources.

This week, the company said that the new dashboard, which is available to users starting today, can track data from the most common traffic sources and the least common sources to give users the most relevant information on traffic.

The dashboard displays a detailed breakdown of how many traffic cameras are on a given site, how many users are on that site and the total number of visitors that come through those cameras.

“The new dashboard has been designed to show the most important traffic sources,” Alex Waddell, the chief technology officer of the company, wrote in a blog post announcing the dashboard.

“It also allows users to compare the traffic of a site with its competitors and with other sites.”

While traffic cameras have been a huge part of the software giant’s traffic management strategy for years, they’ve rarely been part of a dashboard, and even more rarely on a daily basis.

The first dashboard was released in 2016, but the company hasn’t released one since.

Microsoft’s cloud traffic management service is part of Azure.

Azure has more than 20 million customers, according to data from comScore.

While Microsoft’s other services, such as SharePoint, are available in the cloud, Azure is the only one of those that can store all of its data locally, and the company is working to bring that to all of those other services as well.

“We want to give customers a more intuitive way to access, manage and analyze their data in a way that’s consistent across all of our services,” Waddill wrote.

“With this new dashboard you can get the most up-to-date information from the largest sources, including the most popular and least popular, as well as traffic sources on the same site.”

The new dashboard comes at a time when Microsoft is trying to ramp up its cloud infrastructure to accommodate the increased demand of developers and the expansion of Windows 10.

Microsoft has announced a number of major updates to the cloud infrastructure, including an overhaul of the Azure platform, the Azure portal, Azure AD, the Office 365 portal, and more.

Microsoft also recently launched a new cloud service that includes support for the Azure Stack and the Azure cloud computing platform.

The company’s new Azure Stack is a collection of cloud-native apps that can be integrated with existing Microsoft Office 365 cloud services.

Microsoft said in the announcement that the Azure stack, which runs on Windows Server 2016 and Azure, can be used to integrate with the Azure Marketplace, which Microsoft announced last month.

Microsoft plans to add more new cloud services to the stack, such a version of Office 365 for Microsoft Azure, and support for Azure Stack on other Microsoft cloud platforms.

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