Traffic Light

Los Angeles traffic has reached a record high this year as motorists continue to park their cars in traffic lanes to make room for buses.

Drivers also are avoiding the dreaded rush hour on city streets, with more than half of all drivers opting to park in one place during rush hour.

Many drivers also have no cars in their home cities, meaning they cannot get to their jobs, shops and restaurants in the evening.

Some have even opted to park at the airport to avoid traffic congestion.

Many have reported that their cars are damaged, while others are finding it harder to get to work.

Many people have reported a huge increase in car theft and vandalism on the streets in Los Angeles this year.

Some residents even have called for more car parks in the city.

“It’s kind of an economic crisis here, because the streets are so congested,” said Anna Hernandez, who lives in the South of Market area of Los Angeles.

“There’s just no space to park.

There’s a lot of empty spaces, especially on the south side of the street, and it’s like a war zone.”

At least half of Los Angelenos now say they have less time to get around the city because of the congestion.

It’s a huge problem that’s hurting all of Los Angles economy.

A recent report from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority found that traffic congestion in Los Anglos cities has reached its worst level in 40 years.

It found that there are nearly 10 times more traffic delays in Los Angelinas biggest metros than there were in 2009.

Many residents also have reported they are less likely to buy a new car, because they fear they won’t be able to get home safely during the worst of the traffic jam.

A lot of people have been living in cars in Los Amedes since the mid 1990s.

Drivers are forced to park to avoid congestion on city roads, where traffic is at a record level, as cars are stuck in traffic zones in traffic jams, which often last for hours.

It is often impossible to get a car to a place you want to go, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Drivers have to park for days at a time, with many drivers finding it difficult to find parking spaces.

Some even have to wait in traffic for hours, because no one can get to them in time.

Some drivers are also finding it more difficult to get on their own cars to get somewhere.

Many are now forced to use public transportation.

Others are finding that they can’t get to jobs, restaurants and shopping centers, which has caused some people to have to move out of their homes.

Some residents have reported losing their jobs because they couldn’t get their jobs done because they can not park their car in the designated spots during rush hours.

The majority of workers in the business and administrative sectors have reported experiencing financial hardship, which is a concern for those who rely on the jobs they have.

LAPD officers are now responding to a number of reports of cars being damaged or stolen.

The department said that at least 1,400 cars have been stolen from private residences in Los Angels last year.

The city has also announced a number, including at least four fatal crashes involving pedestrians.

The number of pedestrians killed in car crashes is currently at a high of 20 in 2016, with about a third of those fatalities being pedestrians.

Los Angeles has also seen a spike in burglaries.

Police say they are responding to more than 30,000 burglaries in the past two years, compared to only 9,000 in 2015.

It is difficult to tell how many vehicles have been damaged by vandalism.

There are reports that the number of stolen cars has increased significantly in recent years.

In some areas, drivers are finding their vehicles vandalized and then taking them to their cars and stealing their valuables.

Some drivers have reported seeing people trying to steal their vehicles, or even vehicles they do not own.

Last year, some residents reported seeing a group of people on the street with a large group of stolen vehicles.

It was unclear how many cars had been stolen and whether those vehicles had been reported stolen.

Police are investigating those reports.

What to do if you are affected by the traffic snarls?

If you’re experiencing the traffic congestion, you can try to park your car somewhere where you can safely do so.

If you live in an area where traffic has become a problem, you should also make arrangements for a safe place to park if possible.

For some, it is a good idea to try to get someone to drive you home safely.

The safest option is to stay home.

You can also park at your place of work and work with someone else to make arrangements.

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