Traffic Light

NEW YORK — When a police Officer shoots a pedestrians, you are supposed to have mad at him, says Mayor Bill de Blasio in a radio interview Monday.

“And it’s really a big deal,” de Blasio told “The Dave Zirin Show” radio show.

A bystander shot a pedestrian with his car window down in the Bronx neighborhood of West Harlem in the early hours of Friday, causing two injuries.

He later died at a hospital.

The NYPD said the officer had been on the force for a year and that the driver, who was not identified, was not under arrest.

The city has since launched an investigation.

De Blasio is the mayor of a major city that is facing major scrutiny over its police force.

The mayor, who is in the final year of his first term, said he was pleased with the investigation and expected that the department would be exonerated.

“I hope it works,” deLuz said.

At the time of the shooting, officers were patrolling the neighborhood and the driver was walking in the middle of the street with his hands in the air.

The officer shot the driver in the back of the head.

An autopsy showed that the gun discharged, according to police.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who has also been in office, has said that the officer should not have been on duty at the time.

Police union president Patrick Lynch, who had earlier called for the officer to be charged with manslaughter, issued a statement calling the incident “absolutely outrageous.”

“This is a time when we must be holding the perpetrators of the heinous crimes of murder accountable, and the City of New York cannot continue to do so, Lynch said in a statement.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio speaks to reporters at the scene of a shooting in Harlem, N.Y., on March 23, 2017.

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