Traffic Light

A traffic light is a red arrow on the dashboard, warning drivers of an impending collision. 

But red traffic light signals are often used for other purposes, such as signalling the end of a traffic jam.

In this case, it’s for a red traffic signal that a woman was trapped in a car. 

She had been driving on the wrong side of a red light for several minutes and, with no time to stop, decided to speed up in order to avoid getting stopped by the police.

The traffic light was green when the woman got out of the car and realised she was stuck. 

A policeman came to her aid and she was rescued by other drivers.

The woman said:I had been trying to drive to work for about two hours, and was hoping to get home safely. 

This was the first traffic accident I had been in since my husband died, she said. 

‘I had to fight to get out’When I got out, I could see that I was in a big traffic jam and there was no way out. 

The policeman was very helpful, she said.’

He gave me water, gave me food and told me to eat. 

I got back to work in the morning.’

The traffic had been a big issue for the last three months.’

I felt like I was stuck in a black hole, but I knew there was help on the other side.’

People were helping me out.

People were stopping for me and giving me food. 

People were making me feel like a hero.’

It was amazing how people would come and help.’ 

The woman is currently recovering in hospital. 

It’s hoped the incident will encourage others to be more cautious. 

There are around 1,600 traffic lights in the UK, but many are not properly maintained, according to Transport for London (TfL). 

A spokesperson for TfL said: “If you have a red signal, you should always be driving on that red signal. 

If you don’t know what the traffic is doing, then you are not seeing it. 

In many cases, you can change lanes, but you may be stuck.””

And if you can’t see the green lights, it is important to change lanes. 

In many cases, you can change lanes, but you may be stuck.”

We have a team of engineers and other staff working on the road, as well as police officers. 

They are working around the clock to keep people safe.” 

For more information on road safety, visit the British Association of Chief Police Officers website. 

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