Traffic Light

5:05:18 Today’s traffic data shows that the top 10 busiest roads across the UK have all but disappeared in recent years.

This is despite the fact that they account for around a quarter of the UK’s road transport network.

As a result, a growing number of drivers have had to take more frequent and less direct routes around the country.

What you need to know about traffic figures The figures below are from Transport for London (TfL), which collected the data using the latest vehicle-weighted traffic models.

Transport for England (TFA) collected the same data but used a wider range of vehicles.

Transport For Scotland (TFS) used a narrower range of data.

They also use different time series.

TfL’s data is collected every two years, and the TFS data is based on average vehicle-to-vehicle (VMT) speeds.

As such, it includes drivers and other road users who use multiple vehicles in the same route.

The most recent data is from January 2018.

To find out how the UK compares to other countries, we compared the average speed of all UK road traffic from January 2016 to the latest available data.

Here’s how the top 20 UK roads rank on average.

Where a road has fewer than 20,000 vehicles per day, it has no vehicles on the road at all.

How does this compare with other countries?

Australia Australia’s transport system has been described as the “world’s biggest single infrastructure project”, but it’s been in relative decline for a long time.

According to the Government’s own figures, the Australian network is only expected to see a 20% increase in annual traffic in the next five years, even with the introduction of a new road network and a new state-of-the-art road network in Victoria.

That’s despite the construction of the Northern Cross, the new National Highway, and several major infrastructure projects including the $30 billion LRT network.

Australia’s road network is in need of upgrading, with only a few new high-speed lanes in operation.

Meanwhile, in the US, which has the world’s biggest infrastructure network, traffic has only grown, and congestion has become a major issue.

In fact, congestion in the United States is currently so bad that it’s considered the second most serious congestion problem in the world after climate change.

In 2015, traffic congestion was reported to be the third-worst in the Western world.

Australia has also been ranked number one in the global rankings of road safety and safety quality.

What this means for you The UK has one of the biggest roads systems in the European Union, but has struggled with congestion.

In 2017, congestion reached its highest level since the start of the decade, with more than 11,000 cars per hour being driven on the roads.

This meant that more than 4.2 million people were expected to be on the move on the same day.

In 2018, congestion was estimated to be at its highest in four years.

It is estimated that there will be nearly 18,000 traffic deaths in the UK over the next two years.

There have also been reports of road fatalities on the new LRT project, which will run from 2019 to 2021.

These numbers have been increasing in the past few years, which is a concern for anyone driving in the country who plans to move in the coming years.

As mentioned, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to road use.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that the road network should only be used by those travelling in it.

So, for example, a vehicle travelling on the London Bridge would not be considered to be travelling in the road, but only to access the bridge.

Also, the roads should be designed to accommodate all traffic types.

For example, pedestrians should not be permitted on the pavement, but car drivers may.

As an example, if you drive into a tunnel and there’s no pedestrian space to the right of the road you may be allowed to walk to the bridge, but not to the tunnel entrance.

For those travelling from outside the UK, the UK government has created a new system for visitors to be able to visit and use the UK network.

These are called the “passenger rights” scheme.

This scheme is the first time in the history of the British Transport Police (BTP) that visitors can be allowed in and out of the network at will.

The first phase of the passenger rights scheme is in place from March 2019, and will see all visitors being allowed in on their own, and in groups of six or more.

For people travelling by car, they will also be allowed access to the network in groups.

What’s more, there’s also a new “high occupancy vehicle” (HOV) scheme.

HOV means that if you’re using a vehicle with a higher capacity than a passenger, you can take it to the centre of the city and then leave it in the middle

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