Traffic Light

A new Irish traffic camera system will be installed at all Dublin’s busiest intersections and will be “safe and secured” according to Minister for Transport Shane Ross.

The Traffic Camera Network was announced by Mr Ross at a press conference at Government House in Dublin yesterday.

“The traffic cameras on the major roads will be safe and secure.

We’ve seen over the years that the majority of people who are injured or killed are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and cars,” he said.”

There will be cameras along the major routes and the cycle routes and we will also be monitoring traffic patterns across the city.”

We are confident that this will help us minimise the number of fatalities.

“In the coming months, a total of 40 cameras will cover most of the city, with the cameras covering most of Dublin, the city’s major road network and the south of the capital.

The cameras will have a colour-coded screen and will include an emergency mode, which will alert police if a pedestrian is crossing an intersection.”

I’m confident that we can do a lot more with this system in the coming years,” Mr Ross said.

Mr Ross said he expected traffic cameras to be installed on the roads in the next few years, with many roads being built in time for Christmas.”

It’s a matter of years and years and that will give us a much better idea of the traffic flow in the city,” he told the Irish Times.

He said the system would be “the most secure in the world” and would allow people to “be safe and responsible” when they were on the road.”

This will be a system that works, that will be able to track traffic patterns in a city, and that means there will be no need to go to the police if you are going to cross the road,” he added.

The system is being developed by the Department of Transport (DOT) and is part of a new scheme that aims to make the city “the safest place in the country”.

It includes a new $1.8 million traffic management project that aims “to reduce accidents and injuries to motorists and pedestrians”.

Mr Ross also announced the installation of a CCTV camera on the City Bridge in Dublin and plans to install one in the City of Dublin in the near future.

Mr Carthy said the new traffic cameras were “very important” and that they will make it “easier for motorists to get around the city”.”

We have an infrastructure that is incredibly complex, but this traffic camera network will help ensure that it is easy for motorists and cyclists to get from point A to point B,” he explained.”

And hopefully it will make life a little bit easier for pedestrians and motorists alike.

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