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Students at Melbourne’s Metropolitan School of Education are increasingly using their iPads to read books online.

The school said iPads were increasingly being used in classrooms, although not all books were being read.

“In our classrooms, we see that some children are reading books on their iPads,” said principal Michael McInnes.

“We’ve noticed that students have a tendency to keep their iPads in their pocket, as it’s a good way to study.”

And for some, it’s also a good time to get some work done on their iPad.

“Mr McInnsons’ office was full of iPads, and he was particularly impressed by a new app that was being launched by the school.”

It’s called Metro Traffic School, and it’s just a way of getting kids out and about in the city,” he said.”

The apps that we’re testing it on are all iPad apps.

“They’re not all the same, but the overall experience is really great.”

The app allows students to access all the city’s mobile hotspots, and also uses a variety of filters to show which schools were having the most students use the devices.

“If there’s a lot of children using iPads, you’ll see the map,” Mr McInnons said.’

It’s a nice way of working’While many of the students at the school are learning through apps, Mr McIngons said they were also learning through the books they were reading.

“When we first started the app, we had about a dozen students who were using it, and now we have hundreds,” he explained.

“Some of the books are really good, but it’s nice to be able to pick up some good reading and writing for the students who are getting older and have grown up with more books.”

For me, it is a nice and practical way of learning and being active in the school.

“Mr McCInnes said he wanted to see more students using iPads to learn more about the city, and was encouraged to see the use of books and apps increasing.”

One of the things we’ve noticed is that children are using iPads a lot more to do some of their reading,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

But they’re also using it a lot to do homework, and they’re doing it on their phones, and the school does all of this stuff as well, and that’s great for us.

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