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Google has announced it will now only allow ads for its own apps to be displayed on its own websites and on sites hosted by third-party publishers, as part of a plan to reduce ad blocking software’s influence on search traffic.

The move, announced in a blog post on Tuesday, comes as ad blocking apps such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Pro and AdBlock Plus Plus Plus continue to gain traction among online users.

In the blog post, Google said it will start removing the “unacceptable” ads that it says can be “overly intrusive and spammy” and that the ads are also used to “misrepresent advertisers”.

The move is the latest in a long line of changes in the way ads are displayed on Google’s websites.

It comes after Google announced in March that it would no longer allow Google Adwords, Google’s advertising platform that uses its ad technology, to run ads on its sites.

In May, Google launched AdBlock to help publishers and publishers that have ads blocked to have a smoother experience browsing the web.

Google is also looking to integrate ad blocking technology with other platforms such as Microsoft Bing.

AdBlock Plus and Adblock, which were developed by Google and used by millions of people, are designed to block ads for websites but can also be used to block other advertising, such as those that are being sold by third parties.

Google said it has received a number of complaints about the ads being displayed on sites run by third party publishers, but has not yet determined how much impact it is having.

In its blog post , Google said ad blocking was not a “direct competitor” to AdBlock.

“In fact, it is often worse for consumers than ads blocked by Google.

The result is ads that appear to be for advertisers rather than consumers,” the blog read.”

We believe that there are many ways to help advertisers get more traffic and advertising revenue.

But we believe that these methods must be presented in a way that is transparent, meaningful, and accessible for everyone.”

The way to do that is to remove ads from Google’s sites as soon as we detect them and to do so only for ads we have approved for use by advertisers.

“The blog post said that the new ad policy is “about more than just improving Google’s search experience”.”

Google ad blocking is not just about better ad experience, it’s about the ability to provide publishers with more control over what is shown to their users,” the post said.”

It’s about protecting consumers and giving them more control.

“The decision to limit ad blocking to Google’s own websites comes as Google is under pressure to remove ad blocking on all of its own services.

Google recently said it would stop working on the ad blocker Adblock Chrome extension, which allows users to block adverts from websites.

Google’s move comes as AdBlock has gained traction among websites.

Adblock Plus and the other ad blocking ad blockers were once the go-to solution for web users, but those tools have become less useful in recent years as the browser makers have developed more advanced ad blocking tools that have been shown to block as much as 90% of adverts.

Google has also been struggling to stop ads being shown on sites hosting third-parties and third-tier content, which has seen ad blocking as a means to combat piracy and content-sharing.

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