Traffic Light

DENVER — Twenty people were killed and more than 80 people were injured in collisions at intersections in Denver over the past week.

A total of 80 crashes at intersections on Denver’s west side over the weekend led to injuries or fatalities, according to Denver Traffic Safety Department.

The incidents are not the result of any single event, said Denver Traffic Services spokesman Michael Oates.

They include an accident involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 70 that left one man dead and a crash involving a truck on Interstate 80 that left three people dead and five others injured.

Traffic safety officers are working to determine how many of the crashes are related to intoxication.

A number of people were arrested after a collision.

Oates said the city is investigating several reports of vehicles going over the speed limit.

The Denver Police Department said that more than one-third of the collisions in the past three days involved alcohol.

The crash that killed a man at the intersection of Interstate 80 and North Colfax Avenue was also related to a collision, said Sgt. Chris Broussard with the Denver Police Bureau.

A police spokesman said a vehicle was involved in a collision at the northbound lanes of I-70 near North Colmont Avenue.

The driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Police said the driver of that vehicle, identified as 21-year-old Anthony Williams, died in the crash.

Police said the passenger, who is not being identified, suffered minor head injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The collision that killed two men on South Colfax Ave.

was also unrelated to alcohol, according and the man who died in that crash was not involved in the collision, BrouSSard said.

Police identified the driver and passenger in that collision as 23-yearold Kahlia Bynum and 22-year old John Krasno, both of Denver.

Both of those victims were transported to the University of Colorado Medical Center.

Police say they will investigate whether alcohol was a factor in the crashes.

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