Traffic Light

The Cleveland traffic fatalities hit a record 2,094, the second highest in more than a decade.

But the city has lost a lot of people, too.

That’s because there were a lot more people killed on Cleveland streets in 2016 than the previous year.

That means the city lost 1,564 people in 2016, and the average age was about 33 years old.

The city lost an average of 662 people a day to traffic accidents in 2016.

That was the second most in the country.

And the number of people killed jumped by 637 people to 1,624.

The Cleveland Bureau of Transportation has reported more than 1,000 traffic fatalities on Cleveland’s roads, more than twice the number recorded in 2015.

And those are just the deaths that have happened in Cleveland.

There were more than 2,000 fatalities in 2014, more deaths than the year before.

In 2016, the city saw more than 7,000 people killed in car crashes.

That is the most in more that a decade, according to the Cleveland Department of Transportation.

But that does not mean that traffic deaths are decreasing.

The number of car accidents dropped, and that has caused some residents in the city to ask questions about why that is.

The most recent report shows the average annual car crash in Cleveland in 2016 was about 3,000 crashes a day, down from about 7,600 a year ago.

So if you take out the days when traffic accidents were much higher, the average crash in 2016 is still about 1,200 a day.

But there were also more people hurt in car accidents in Cleveland last year than in 2014.

About 1,700 people were injured in car-crash accidents last year.

And that was a slight increase from 1,100 injured in 2014 and 1,300 injured in 2013.

Cleveland police said they are still trying to track down some of the people killed and injured in those accidents.

And police said the number still isn’t as high as the city wants to be.

The average age of a driver killed or injured in Cleveland is now around 30 years old, down a year from 33 in 2014 when the number was 3,300.

And most of those injured are between the ages of 18 and 24.

Police said some drivers who were injured were taken to hospitals because they were being too slow to pull over or were distracted by texting, talking on their phones or riding their cellphones.

One Cleveland man said his 18-year-old son died after being struck by a car, but the police officer who pulled him over said he did not see anything that needed to be done.

The officer said the driver who was injured was not wearing a seat belt, but he said there was nothing wrong with the seat belt.

Police said it’s possible that the driver was distracted by his cellphone.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said he believes there is a problem with the way the city handles traffic accidents.

He said the city needs to do a better job of communicating to the public about the dangers of driving, and said he has been talking to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson about the issue.

Cincinnati police spokesman Lt.

Dave Brown said the department does not release information on traffic crashes because the information is not required.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol, which is leading the investigation into the death of a 20-year old man in a Cleveland-area car accident last year, said it has not released the results of its investigation into that case.

The results of the investigation are not available, and officials would not say whether the case was referred to the Ohio Attorney General’s office, which prosecutes car accidents.

The Ohio Attorney Generals office declined to comment on the case.

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