Traffic Light

“It’s a bad day,” said Mr. Farias, a 24-year-old lawyer who works in a small office in the central Philippines city of Taguig.

“We’re going to fight it with everything we’ve got.”

The law, passed last year, requires all cameras and cameras that record the traffic signals in public to be installed within a one-mile radius of a school or other public place.

It has not been widely implemented.

Many Filipinos, including some of the country’s top journalists, have expressed concern that the law is too broad and can be used to suppress criticism of government.

The new legislation, Mr. Ceballos said, would provide some relief for the journalists and their families.

The new legislation is one of the most sweeping in the Philippines’ history.

In March, the Philippines became the first nation in the world to ban cameras, citing a “serious human rights” problem.

The law also provides a fine of up to $1,000 for anyone who violates the law.

But the Philippine government has been slow to implement the new law, which requires businesses, schools and other public places to install a camera within a 30-minute period.

The cameras must be installed by June 1, 2018.

Critics of the law say it is a thinly veiled attempt to control public dissent.

The bill also requires public servants and government employees to wear electronic tags that record their locations at all times.

The legislation has not had much traction among businesses, said Fernando Diaz, the president of the Association of Philippine Municipalities.

The industry has been lobbying for the new cameras, which they say will allow them to track and document traffic violations in real time, he said.

But in some areas, such as the capital Manila, the law has faced resistance.

The mayor of Manila’s main business district, Cebing, said last month that the government had failed to provide him with information on when the cameras would be installed, and that he did not know how long they would be in place.

“We’re not asking for a one day solution, we’re asking for real solutions,” Mayor Loyola Ramos said in a television interview, adding that it would be a mistake for the government to put a camera in every public place in the country.

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