Traffic Light

When the Irish weather is cold and damp, the weather in the country is unpredictable and unpredictable is the Irish way.

It is the same when it is sunny and breezy.

When the wind blows, you can always tell that the weather is moving in a different direction.

And this can have a devastating impact on your safety.

On Friday morning, a traffic jam had sprung up on the M1 at Wetherspoons near St Andrews, and it meant a delay of five hours for drivers trying to cross the M3.

At the time, it was raining heavily in the area.

But on Saturday, the number of accidents was down to just four.

And so, when the weather turned, the local traffic control centre said it would close for the night.

But in the morning, it opened up again and the number in the queues for the next bus was much higher.

This traffic jam has left drivers in the North with no choice but to take a bus instead of driving.

The roads are closed at St Andrews and other points in the State for up to 10 hours, for the purpose of clearing the M4, which is also affected by the traffic gridlock.

It means motorists are stuck at the centre of the traffic.

Drivers are being asked to avoid driving through the middle of the gridlock, where the congestion can cause serious problems for both pedestrians and cyclists.

But there are no roads left that are safe to drive on.

There are also no plans for a toll road.

This is the fourth year in a row that the traffic situation in the south has worsened due to the gridlocks and bad weather, with traffic in the Wicklow and Connemara areas now up to seven times the normal.

But, despite this, motorists are being urged to stick to the main roads in the capital and to not get stuck in the gridlocked areas.

On the M2, the traffic has increased to more than 100 cars per lane, compared to just 10 on the other two routes.

It has also resulted in drivers travelling slower in the M5, where traffic is expected to increase by 50 per cent.

And with no new roads being built in Wicklow, there is now a chance that congestion will worsen further in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, some motorists are planning to head back home for the summer.

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