Traffic Light

In recent years, a surge in traffic tickets has taken the city by storm.

While the average number of tickets issued in 2016 was slightly below what it was in 2014, the increase in tickets was the biggest since 2008, when there were nearly 4 million tickets issued.

That year, the city recorded over $30 million in traffic fines.

It has since been on a tear, increasing from just over $20 million in 2014 to nearly $56 million in 2016.

That growth has been fueled by the fact that the city is now dealing with more traffic accidents than ever before, according to a recent report from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

In 2016, the number of traffic accidents killed by drivers increased more than eightfold from the year before, from 3,829 to 8,082, and the number involving a vehicle hit by a pedestrian increased nearly threefold, from 735 to 1,842.

However, the DOT also noted that traffic tickets are an extremely costly source of revenue for the city.

In 2016 alone, the City collected $10.6 million in ticket revenue.

Traffic tickets are also a huge source of income for local governments.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency collected $18.7 million in tickets in 2016, according the DOT, making it the third largest revenue source in the city for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2019.

This means that while ticket revenue is not a huge financial source for the Municipal Transportation agency, it is still a sizable source of tax revenue for city government.

The SFMTA is also one of the top five largest revenue generators in the country, according a report from Bloomberg.

While revenue is the primary revenue source for many of San Francisco’s local governments, the other two largest sources of revenue are property taxes and the local sales tax.

San Francisco has the highest property tax rate in the United States at 25.7 percent, which is nearly five times the national average.

The city also has one of America’s highest local sales taxes, at 7.75 percent, according Bloomberg.

In fact, property taxes are the most commonly used revenue source by the San Francisco municipal government.

For example, the amount of property tax revenue generated by property taxes in the San Franciscan city of San Jose is $4.6 billion, according data from the city of Berkeley.

The state of California, on the other hand, collects $2.4 billion in local property taxes.

As such, it seems clear that the increase to the state’s general sales tax, which currently stands at 2.5 percent, is a major reason for the rise in traffic ticket revenue in San Francisco.

While there are some cities in the U.S. that do not collect the local property tax, like Washington, D.C., the state of Washington collects a similar amount of local property sales taxes and uses the revenue to fund its general government budget.

In addition to increasing its revenue, California also has a significant number of municipal revenue sources that are not taxed.

The largest of these are city employee pension contributions.

The average municipal employee pension contribution in San Diego County is $15,000, according TOI, and this is a number that has risen dramatically in the last few years.

It is also not unusual for municipal employees in California to receive their retirement contributions from their employer.

A survey conducted by San Diego Union-Tribune found that 70 percent of San Diego employees who answered the survey in 2014 had received some kind of retirement benefit from their employers, with the remainder receiving no retirement benefit.

While this is the most common source of municipal employee retirement income, there are many other sources of retirement income in San Francis.

The highest amount of retirement benefits received by San Francisco City workers was $15.7 billion in 2016 according to TOI.

Of that amount, the average City worker received $10,624 in retirement benefits, which represents a 10.4 percent increase from $7,964 in 2016 (the highest amount received by City workers).

As of March 31st, San Francisco is estimated to have $12.3 billion in municipal pension liabilities, making this number the third highest in the nation.

The number of employees who receive retirement benefits from their city also increases with age.

A 2016 survey by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation of America (PBGC) found that the average age of municipal employees is 52 years old.

Additionally, the percentage of employees receiving their pension benefits at age 52 was higher than that of workers aged 55 and over.

According to PBGC, about 37 percent of employees are currently receiving their retirement benefits.

That figure is even higher when you look at employees over age 65.

About 23 percent of the employees aged 55-64 received their pension benefit in 2016 and just 13 percent of those 65 and over received it.

While that is a big jump for an organization that has been underfunded by the federal government for the last decade, it does not mean that the amount that the City of San Fran is paying

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