Traffic Light

Posted October 15, 2018 05:16:47 Brisbane is often seen as a city of traffic cameras but the real story behind the cameras is far from clear.

The City of Brisbane has set up a website,, to provide an online forum for motorists to share their experiences of how they’ve been caught and where they have been stopped.

Many motorists say they’ve had cameras pointed at them, and there’s no evidence to support that.

Here’s how to find out if your traffic camera is active.

Find out if you’re being stopped and why by contacting the Queensland Police Service (QPS) on 1800 333 000.

If you’re stopped by the QPS, ask for your name and contact details, or email the Qps at [email protected]

If your camera is not visible, ask where you’re stopping and what the camera’s purpose is.

Ask for your speed, vehicle and licence number, and a description of the officer’s vehicle.

If the officer is a police officer, give your name, address and contact information, or give a detailed description of your vehicle, licence and plate number.

If no officer is on duty, check your phone and find out where the camera is located.

Call back and let the QP know if it is active and ask if they can be contacted.

The QPS also says it can’t confirm or deny if the camera has been pointed at you, but it is a good idea to get on the phone and check if your camera has the same markings as your car.

Check for signs of a stop on the road, such as red lights and speed cameras.

Check the road for pedestrians and cyclists to see if they are being followed.

If there are any signs of police activity on the street, ask the officer if they will take photographs of any vehicles.

If they don’t take photographs, call back to let them know what you found out and ask for any additional information.

If possible, keep your phone away from your window so you can see your camera.

If that doesn’t work, ask another person to drive you away.

If someone stops you without a reason, they will likely be a police or magistrate, and you may be given more than one stop.

What you can do If you see a camera on the highway, call the QPA on 1800 000 or email them on [email protected], and ask to speak to a supervisor.

If a camera is in your area, call Queensland Police on 1300 871 007, and if you have been pulled over or stopped by police, give the Qprs contact details to 1800 333 007.

If anyone has information to give, ask them to call Queensland police.

Queensland police will also look into your case.

If it turns out your camera was pointed at another person, you may have to pay a fine.

Queensland Road Safety, the state’s traffic agency, will be investigating your case and will be using the information gathered to help you find the right person to talk to.

If officers have a record of you stopping them, call them back and tell them the information that they have given you.

It may help if you can provide a picture of your licence plate, but do not put a number on it.

If police find you have stopped someone, they may take a statement from the person who stopped you.

If an officer has a record, you can get information from the QPRS online, or you can contact them.

QPS staff will check the information and tell you if you need to contact Queensland Police.

You can also find out about the road safety programs available to people using Queensland roadways.

Queensland Police will not be investigating you if the QPrs are happy with the information you provided.

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