Traffic Light

Seattle traffic attorney Michael D. Smith has taken aim at sex trafficking on the Interstate 5 corridor in downtown Seattle.

“Traffic is a major issue,” Smith said in a video posted on the Seattle Traffic Attorney website.

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this is a significant problem that’s causing a lot of stress and tension in Seattle.”

Smith, who represents people accused of sex trafficking in King County, told ABC News he is a former traffic cop and worked with a number of sex traffickers, many of whom have since been deported.

Smith said he has been representing a number people who were arrested for trafficking, but that the majority of cases go through the immigration court system.

He said many victims are in shelters, which is an especially difficult situation because the sex traffickers are often violent and often drug addicts.

“These are people who have been convicted of sex crimes, and they’re trying to come back to the United States and their lives are threatened by these traffickers,” Smith told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV.

Smith said the trafficking issue needs to be addressed because it can cause serious harm to victims and their families. “

So the issue of sex trafficked people is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Smith said the trafficking issue needs to be addressed because it can cause serious harm to victims and their families.

He called for a thorough review of the criminal justice system and said it’s time to take action against sex traffickers.

Smith, a former police officer, said it was a hard job but he was able to get people to come clean about their crimes.

“I’m a law enforcement officer, so it was just a matter of getting them to come out and say they did something wrong and to tell their story,” he said.

“To have people come forward and talk about it and then make sure that their families can come forward, I think that’s a huge step forward.”

Smith also called for greater enforcement of the federal Sex Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

The law provides protections for victims of sex-trafficking crimes and prohibits trafficking of any kind.

Smith also said that the problem of trafficking is getting worse and he hopes to see increased enforcement and funding for sex trafficking victims.

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